To summarize the program below so you can choose which direction you would like to go:

Every state is different, but essentially with our Lifetime Livescan, we will keep your prints in our database for us to print onto cards to send to the states you need us to. It is a record retention program only. Sometimes we can use our own FD-258 fingerprint cards, some states require them to be on theirs. In those cases, you simply send them to us directly and we will print on theirs.

The costs involved with this program if you know all of the requirements necessary to submit are: $7 to send a printed fingerprint card via priority mail to your regulating agency or to your address if it must be sent with the application. Then all you pay is any applicable state/federal filing fee for processing by that agency which also varies from state to state.

If you would like for us to take care of everything including finding out what to put on the cards (ORI numbers, OCA codes, etc.), where to ship them to, how much and to whom to pay the filing fees, shipping costs, etc. the cost is $119 per state plus tax.

If you choose to select the $119 option, click here and select the state(s) you wish to submit to, make your payment and then we will take care of the rest for you.